Carol’s Fruit Cake


Every year, Belinda tries to stop the “evil” spread of fruit cake, and every year our kitchen makes them anyway & they sell out. Clearly we are a nation divided!

We have both light and dark options available for pickup from Nov 28th to Dec 24th.

LIGHT cakes have no molasses or spices, and use light coloured fruit soaked in light rum. Fruits include golden raisins, apricots and fresh fruit zest.

DARK cakes have molasses, spices and use dark fruit soaked in dark rum. They also contain spiced dark rum in the batter itself. Fruits include dates, dark raisins, sultanas & cranberries.

Both styles are brushed with rum to finish them off, then topped with apricot glaze and cherries.

**Also please note the price is $23.50 per 1.15lb cake. (not per dozen – this is a glitch on the website main page and we are unable adjust it.)


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This year, neither recipe will contain nuts. (The photo is from a previous year.)

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Dark Fruit Cake, Light Fruit Cake