Father’s Day Sugar Cookie Set (Jun 11-15)


**Orders now cutoff online but cookies available all week over the counter**

Available for pickup June 11th to 15th ONLY.

When does a joke become a Dad joke? … When the punchline becomes apparent!!

This Father’s Day we are saluting the fabulous dads in our lives by celebrating their favourite past-time: the equally beloved and despised Dad Joke. This year’s collection is sure to put a smile (or eye-roll) on everyone’s faces!

HALF DOZEN: includes 1 BBQ, 1 Flippin Awesome, 1 Golf Green, 1 Best Dad by Par, 1 Taco, and 1 Nacho Average Dad.

FULL DOZEN: includes 2 BBQs, 2 Flippin Awesome, 2 Golf Greens, 2 Best Dad by Par, 2 Tacos, and 2 Nacho Average Dad.

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Approximate diameter of cookies is 3-4 inches depending on design.

**Due to system limitations, the website will allow you to book non-available dates. If you accidentally book an incorrect day, we will contact you to move the order.