Hanukkah Collection (16Dec-24Dec)


Available for pickups from Dec 16th to Dec 24th Only.**

Celebrate Hanukkah with a beautiful collection of decorated cookies. Available in sugar cookie, gingerbread or a mix of the two.

Each set of Hanukkah cookies contains 3 designs in a mix of blues/whites, as shown in the photo. You will receive 4 of each of the following shapes: Menorah, Star of David, and the Dreidel.

**PLEASE READ: Our pre-order sale is only eligible for pickups from Nov 28th to Dec 10th, but we don’t feel it’s fair to penalize Hanukkah cookies just because they fall later in the month. Therefore we are extending the same 10% discount to this product, but cannot do it on the website. (Website limitations.)

Instead, we will process your 10% discount as a refund after the fact. The discount applies to Hanukkah cookies booked prior to Nov 20th, and only on those picked up between Dec 16th and Dec 23rd. No other products will be eligible for the discount on these dates. Dec 24th not permitted.

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