Holiday Macaron Assortment


Available for pick up from Nov 29th to Dec 24th.

Our delicious French Macarons are baked from scratch and use only pure ingredients.

Macarons are available as a set of 12.

NOVEMBER: Until Nov 27th, each dozen will contain 3 Salted Caramel, 3 Pistachio, 3 London Fog, and 3 Jaffa (Chocolate Orange)

DECEMBER: From Nov 29th to Dec 24th, each dozen will include: 3 Salted Caramel, 3 Pistachio, 3 Canadian Maple and 3 Imperial Cookie Macarons. (**This set is eligible for the Holiday Pre-Order Sale.)

Macarons are best kept refrigerated, then allowed to come to room temp before eating.

No flavour substitutions are available at this time, but more flavours are available in store over the counter.

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