Gift Boxed Mini Imperial Cookie Set – Classic


Imperial cookies are a long standing Winnipeg tradition, and High Tea Bakery makes the city’s favourite! Our renowned mini imperial cookies are now available in a beautiful gift box, which can be ordered for local pickup or delivery.

High Tea Bakery’s mini imperial cookies are comprised of two layers of crisp yet tender almond shortbread, sandwiched with a sweet raspberry preserve, and coated in pure almond icing. Baked from scratch, using locally sourced eggs and fresh creamery butter, these cookies are a Winnipeg obsession. We hope you enjoy!

DELIVERY NOTE: If booking a courier service for Winnipeg, delivery will go out between the hours of noon and 4pm.

Allergens: contains pure almond extract but no actual nuts. Nuts present in the facility, possibility of trace contact.


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Weight .45 kg
Dimensions 10.315 × 7.953 × 2.598 in